Joy! to Your World! A Countdown to Christmas (Day 12)

I enjoy people-watching year round, but the time that it is most fascinating to me is at Christmastime. When I am in the post office line, waiting to mail my packages and cards, I am intently observing and eavesdropping on holiday conversations and frustrations. While in the mall, trying not to be impatient, what brings me pleasure is to focus my attention on others who are also focused on buying gifts and seasonal sales.


Would you like to join me in eavesdropping on one of the most glorious Christmas conversations in all of history? I believe that this one celebratory exchange just may change your heart forever!


After the elder Elizabeth had blessed the Baby Boy in Mary’s virgin womb, Mary began to worship the Lord. She broke out into a powerful response of worship and heartfelt adoration! I have often wondered if, when declaring these words of praise, she fell to her knees and lifted her hands toward heaven!


“My soul exalts the Lord!” This simple, exclamatory sentence were the first words out of Mary’s mouth in Elizabeth’s presence. Mary’s choice of words are especially beautiful when one realizes that the “soul” is the birthplace of passions, emotions, aversions and desires. May’s soul was not in a state of confusion or denial – she was declaring the fact that regardless of circumstances or events, her emotions and desires would always take her to a place of worship.


“And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.” Mary’s soul and her spirit were joining in a beautiful duet of thanksgiving. One’s spirit is the place in the human constitution that desires the Lord and all that He has. The spirit is the place of walking by faith and not by sight. In this place of Mary’s life that was in constant communion with the Spirit of God, the response was the same: sincere rejoicing!


How are you responding to circumstances or events that you don’t understand or perhaps might not choose? What is your soul spending time doing this Christmas season? Is your soul out of control with spending, eating and impatience? Or has your soul observed the example of Mary and chosen to exalt the Lord?


My prayer is that your spirit and your soul will fall to their knees and that you will lift your hands and your voice toward heaven!

“My soul exalts the Lord! And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.”

Luke 1:46-56

I’ve been reading the Joy! to Your World! A Countdown to Christmas Reading Plan at You might enjoy it, or one of the many other plans that are available. Check it out.

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