Joy! to Your Your World! A Countdown to Christmas (Day 3)

In the days during which Elizabeth lived, it wasn’t uncommon for pregnant women to go into seclusion when their pregnancy became obvious. However, according to Scripture, Elizabeth apparently went into seclusion from the onset of her pregnancy.

I have often wondered why Elizabeth chose to hide herself away in her home much earlier than was culturally acceptable. I wonder if perhaps Elizabeth found it necessary to prepare her heart for God’s plan. Elizabeth may have been so filled with thanksgiving and wonder that she knew preparing for motherhood was the single priority in her life.

I can picture tears coursing down her wrinkled cheeks as she prayed, “Lord! A miracle! A bona fide miracle You have given to us!”

I wonder, as Elizabeth began the joy of making sweet little blankets and sewing precious garments of miniature clothing with gnarled and arthritic fingers, if her heart cried out to the God of the universe, “Lord, prepare me for what You are preparing for me!”

I believe that during these days of quiet, yet joyful contemplation, that Elizabeth had a heart overflowing with gratitude. She may have been intent on changing her lifestyle during this time of delightful preparation in order to become the mother that a young man of greatness was going to require. Elizabeth was preparing her heart for the day of delivery and blessing.

During this Christmas season, for what do you need to prepare your heart? Do you need to make some lifestyle changes in order to accommodate the destiny that God has chosen for you? For those that He calls to do a great work, He also calls away into His presence.

Christmas is the season of hope and miracles and it is also the season of preparation for the destiny of God. I pray that you will take some time today, and every day during this wonderful season, to hide yourself in God’s presence. Rather than wrap yourself in busy-ness and extravagance, snuggle up in His love for you and ask Him to reveal His destiny for your life.

I hope that you will pray with Elizabeth, and with me, “Lord, prepare me for what You are preparing for me.”

Luke 1:24,25
Isaiah 40:38-31

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