Farewell Bernice, Nico and Gabby!


Nico and Bernice was playing Tekken

Got this gift from Bernice

Ate Norz wearing her familiar smile

making faces.

Joshua, Bernice, Jenna, Nico and Lito

Making faces hahaha

Cute Gabby

Nico and Gabby

Fun fun fun house.

One of the best days of my life

kakuletan(Nico Plamenco)... LOL!

Pooh pooh!

Au revoir! Bernice, Nico et Gabby.
Que Dieu bénisse votre famille Sir Thiery et Ate Norz. Je vous aime tous.
Tu vas me manquer. Prenez garde!

Goodbye Bernice, Nico and Gabby.
God bless your family Sir Thiery and Ate Norz. I love you all.
I will miss you. Take care!

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