Why Bro. Eddie C. Villanueva?

This is the question I often hear in the internet community. But If someone is going to ask me this, I have a lot of answers that I could give and here are some of those answers.

1.  Because Bro. Eddie is really a genuine God-fearing person.
-He experienced a genuine change in his life from a political activist to evangelist.

2.  Because Bro. Eddie is very qualified and knowledgeable.
-Knowledgeable: He knows the cure for these cancers. Our country is really suffering with these cancers. Come on! You know what I am talking about. Our generation has been exposed to this political circus, and our generation has suffered so much because of some politicians’ vested interest(our so-called “PUBLIC SERVANTS”).
-Qualified: Bro. Eddie is very qualified because he knows the Philippine Economy thoroughly. He was a professor back then when he was still in PUP sometime in the1970’s I think.

These are just a few among so many other answers to this question. Hope you find it in your heart to dig for your own answers to the same question.


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