LOVE MUST BE DEVELOPED by Rev. Bruce Goettsche

Colossians 3:14

Notice, that Paul tells us to “put on” love. It is something we are required to DO. We can become more loving. In order for that to happen we must understand what love means practically.

It means defining love as God defines it. If we want to be loving we must study what God says love is. We must compare ourselves, not to others . . . but to the standard of love that God gives us. In other words we must ask, “Am I patient, kind, and without envy in my relationships? Am I seeking to help those who have a need? Am I desiring the best for those that God has brought into my life? Am I seeking to build up others or only to build up myself through others?

It means to accept people where they are. If we are going to love people, we cannot require them to meet certain prerequisites before we love them. Nobody thinks, understands, and believes exactly as we do. That’s life. This is a fact we must accept before we will ever be able to love other people. Love starts where the other person is not where we would like them to be.

We see this trait in Jesus. He met the fishermen, the tax-collector, the adulterer, the military leader, the worried women, where they were. He longed to cleanse them and make them holy, but he started this process at the point at which he found each individual. He spoke their language and started with what they could understand. He worked to meet their unique needs.

Love does not demand that everyone be like us. It doesn’t demand that people have the same experience, the same tastes, the same background. True love embraces people as they are.

It means overlooking small irritations. Everyone of us has blemishes. There is not a day that goes by that we don’t do something stupid, inappropriate, or foolish. There is not a day when we don’t say something we shouldn’t have or react when we should have shrugged something off. If we are going to fight about every little irritation in life then we are going to be fighting all the time.

Let me give you an illustration. You walk up to the check-out person at Wal-Mart and they respond to you in somewhat of a gruff manner. At this point you have a choice: shall I respond “in kind” or shall I extend love? To respond in kind would be to say, “I don’t know why you are being so huffy. Isn’t it your job to ‘serve me’?” Or something equally as loving like, “Well you’re a friendly one, aren’t you?” Loving is responding to these irritations with understanding and love, “rough day?”

Or maybe more to the point. We’re sitting in church and someone walks by us and doesn’t acknowledge us! We can be offended at how arrogant and snooty they are or we can shrug it off and assume that they didn’t see us, or were thinking about something else. Someone doesn’t ask us to help or participate in something. We can get made and feel we have been deliberately excluded or we can conclude that they are not aware of our interest in helping or being involved.

We’ve talked about this before. If we spend our lives looking for offenses we will find them. Loving people resolve to see the irritations in life as bumps in the road heading to spiritual maturity.


Facing the Giants

Are you facing the greatest giant in your life? Did you feel that you can’t beat that giant? Hey think again, we have a big big God that is willing to carry us if we will just believe in Him. If we only have a little faith.

Never ever quit whatever battle you have right now. Jesus is always around!

The Power of God

Pastor prays over deposit slip, gets $1.5M gift

LONGVIEW, Texas – A $1 million bank deposit slip wish by a Longview minister to pay for a new church came true — and then some. The Rev. Thomas McDaniels of LifeBridge Christian Center said a businessman, who chooses to remain anonymous, wrote him a $1.5 million check.

Members of LifeBridge, which formed in 2005, had met at a Longview hotel. Their new church opens in a few weeks.

McDaniels described on Monday how in January 2007 he took a bank deposit slip and wrote $1 million, “meaning that one day someone would give us a million dollar gift.”

The minister, who prayed over the deposit slip, said a business owner Dec. 2 asked how much was needed to pay for the church.

McDaniels said $1.4 million. The benefactor’s check included an extra $100,000.

McDaniels says, in these economic times, that “the Lord wanted to show his power.”


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Jesus in Prison »

You are probably able to move around freely, going and coming as you like. There are others, however who can’t. Franklin Graham speaks to all who are in prison, literal or virtual:

The Lord Jesus Christ Himself spent time in prison. He was arrested. He was falsely accused. He was put in prison. He was beaten. He was whipped. Mock trial. And then He was sent to the cross to be executed. And the reason Jesus Christ went to the cross was for you. And for each and every one of us here. Jesus Christ came out of heaven down to this earth. You see, Jesus Christ wasn’t just a man. Jesus Christ was God Almighty in human form. God Himself came to this earth on a rescue mission. And that rescue mission was to save you and me from our sins.

To be saved from your sins, turn to Jesus Christ by faith


Identify Yourself: Unclean, Unclean! by Tommy Tenney

Loneliness itself is a disfiguring condition.

Scripture Reading
My God, My God why have you forsaken me? Why are you so far from helping me, and from the words of my groaning? Psalm 22:1

Do you feel alone, disfigured, and dishonored in your pain? Is life and joy draining from your personality? Welcome to Gehazi’s hell, the neighborhood where dying is actually easier than living.

That is what leprosy does. It isolates, disfigures, and destroys you. Not only do you die, but you die alone. And you die a disfiguring and painful death.

With each passing day, the disabling effects of neuropathy (death of the nerves) continue to aggressively advance from the extremities of the toes and fingers toward the heart.

The curse of numbness robs it victims of freedom, independence, and the ability to interact with the world around them. We even see this curse attacking the souls of our Prozac society, inducing a paralyzing, and crippling numbness of spirit-producing an unfeeling, uncaring, numb nation.

This leprosy attitude seems to be spreading. We feel all alone, pushed in a corner, like no one understands, when maybe God is pulling us away from people to be closer to Him. He hasn’t forsaken you-maybe you just refuse to let loneliness be a good thing.