Seeking God

It is a great good to seek God; in my opinion, the soul knows no greater blessing. It is the first of its gifts and the final stage in its progress. This gift is inferior to none and yields place to none. What could be superior to it, when nothing has a higher place? … What virtue can be attributed to anyone who does not seek God? What boundary can be set for anyone who DOES seek Him? The psalmist says: ‘Seek his face always.’ Nor, I think, will a soul cease to seek Him even when it has found Him.

It is not with steps of the feet that God is sought but with the desire of the heart; and when the soul happily finds him, its desire is not quenched but kindled… there will be a fullness of joy, but there will be no end to desire, and therefore no end to the search.

Think if you can, of this eagerness to see God as NOT caused by His absence, for He is always present; and think of the desire for God as without fear or failure, for grace is abundantly present. (St. Bernard of Clairvaux)

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